TSS Take Safety Seriously 

We give Health & Safety Highest Priority to prevent accidents and ill health 
Target Site Services Ltd aim to deliver projects to its client’s accident, incident and injury free 
Target Site Services Ltd gives the highest priority, to the health, safety and welfare of all its employee’s as well as the Health and Safety of others who may be affected by the Company’s undertakings. 
Our approach to health and safety is based on the identification and control of all potential risks 
The Company’s directors and senior management lead the way promoting a positive culture throughout the organisation. 
Target Site Services founded in 1989 continues to maintain an exemplary health and safety record recording no fatalities or life changing injuries. 
Good health and safety performance and practices are ardently encouraged within our organisation, and rewarded with our incentive scheme for all employees. 
A high level of safety is fundamental to our business. As a company we recognise the positive benefits our Health and Safety practices and policies have on our organisation. 
We recognises that Health and Safety is a business function and must therefore continually progress and in order to adapt to changes. The approach to Health and Safety is centred on the identification and control of potential risks arising from our activities. 
Target Site Services encourages a positive Health and Safety culture within the organisation; actively supported by senior management. Our organisation considers that Health and Safety equates to all other business functions and therefore we attach equal importance to achieving all Health and Safety targets. 
We work with all employees and those within our supply chain to prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health. The company has a system in place to ensure that accidents, incidents and ‘near-misses’ are reported; investigated and appropriate action is taken to reduce the likelihood of their reoccurrence. 


Target Site Services is aware that the training of employees plays a key role in their development. We provide a structured programme of Health and Safety training to enable individuals to carry out their roles safely and to improve the working environment. The level of knowledge required by an individual will vary dependent upon their job functions and position. Managers and supervisors receive additional training, where necessary, to enable them to better understand the function of Health and Safety requirements for each project.. 
Induction Training 
Induction Training is given to all operatives and those within our supply chain on commencement of employment with Target Site Services. 
Site specific induction training is given on each project. 
All TSS operatives must hold a current Health & Safety assessment certificate for their relevant trade 
All TSS operatives must hold a current relevant trade ECS/CSCS card 
Annual Training 
All TSS employees are annually trained on the following: - 
Asbestos Awareness 
Fire Safety Training 
Manual Handling 
Management & Supervisors Training 
TSS supervisors all hold the CITB Construction Skills SSSTS certificate. 
Contract Managers 
TSS Contract Managers have been trained to CITB Constructions Skills SMSTS level. 
Equipment Training 
PASMA Training for erection, dismantling and alteration of Mobile Scaffold Towers 
IPAF Training is given for the use of MEWPS 


King David Lounge 
LV Upgrade 
Heathrow Academy 
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